The Permanent Mission of the Hashemite

Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations 

His Majesty King Abdullah II
Her Majesty Queen Rania




Jordan & the united nATIONS

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Since its admission to the United Nations on the 14th of December 1955, Jordan remained firmly committed to the organization and to the promotion of the lofty goals enshrined in the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter.


Given the complexities and challenges in the Middle East region, Jordan grew more determined to strengthen its cooperation with the United Nations and all its agencies. Indeed engaging in the multilateral system, including through the United Nations, became a key pillar in Jordan’s foreign policy. 


Today, Jordan plays an active role within the United Nations and its three main pillars; peace and security, human rights, economic and social development. Jordan is a major troop contributing country in the UN peacekeeping and actively participates in the policy and operational discussions on this matter.  (Read more)

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